Department on Personnel Policy

Department on Personnel Policy
Head of: Mazan Lyudmila
Phone: +375-17 200-84-03

General information

The Department on Personnel and Ideology is a structural unit of the central administration of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus.

The Department fulfills the following basic functions:

  • selection, placement, training and education of personnel of courts, improvement of their skills;
  • identification of current and future needs of courts and of agencies and organizations of the Ministry of Justice for specialists with higher and secondary special education in law;
  • aggregation of requests of courts and organs of justice for employment of young professionals, participation in the work of commissions on their job placement, assurance of adaptation of young professionals to their places of employment and rational use of their work;
  • provision of instructional guidance to departments of Justice of regional executive committees and of Minsk city executive committee in their work aimed at the improvement of professional skills of personnel of organizations of the Ministry of Justice and courts;
  • organization of accounting of personnel of the Ministry, regional (Minsk city) courts and district (city) courts, analysis of reports on composition and movement of personnel and making suggestions for improvement of the composition of personnel of courts and of the system of justice of the Republic of Belarus;
  • preparation of draft orders on the structure of staff of the central administration of the Ministry, the materials and draft presidential decrees on the appointment (displacement) of the judges and assignment of qualifying classes to them;
  • organization of ideological work, increasing cultural and educational and informational level of the organs and organizations of the Ministry of Justice;
  • informing the mass media about the activities of the Ministry, its departments, its official documents, declarations, speeches and meetings of its highest officials and other important events and activities;
  • organization of «hotlines» with the people;
  • enforcement of regulatory and other acts of higher bodies on ideological issues;
  • preparing and holding events with a wide participation of specialists in the respective spheres of activity aimed at improving the cultural, educational and informational level of the employees of the Ministry of Justice;
  • organizational support of ideological work, development of long-term plans of this work for each semester;
  • informational support of personnel of the Ministry of Justice and its subordinate institutions of the most important events of the social and political life, of the activity of legislative, executive and judicial powers and international news;
  • organizational and technical support for the preparation and conduct of lectures, visits to enterprises, museums, historical and other objects;
  • preparation of materials on the activities of the Ministry of Justice in cooperation with other units of the Ministry and provision of these materials to the mass media;
  • organization of press conferences, interviews and other meetings with the representatives of the mass media;
  • preparation and distribution of statements and reports for the mass media;
  • cooperation with the National Press Center of the Republic of Belarus, with local and foreign mass media in order to facilitate complete and objective coverage of the activity of the Ministry;
  • promotion of public awareness of employees of the justice system on the basis of the materials published in the journal «Justice of Belarus» on the forms and methods of work, their moral and ethical content, which determines attitude of employees to the performance of their official and professional duties;
  • publication of materials and information about the Great Patriotic War veterans, veterans of labor, the best employees of the system of justice, the winners of competitions held by the Ministry in the journal «Justice of Belarus». The Department’s activity is based on a combination of unity of command and collegiality and on personal responsibility of each employee for the assigned area of work in accordance with their official duties. Work control is carried out in collaboration with other structural units of the Justice Ministry. Work control is conducted in accordance with prospective and current plans of Ministry of Justice.