International cooperation department

International cooperation department
Head of: Aleshin Alexey
Phone: +375-17 200-88-29
Phone fax: +375-17 200-88-29

General information

International cooperation department is a structural unit of the central administration of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus, directly involved in ensuring cooperation between the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus and judicial institutions of foreign states and international organizations.

Deputy Head of the Department — Head of International Law Devision (tel. 375 200 85 45)

International cooperation department includes:

  1. International Law Division
    • Head of the Division- Aleksandr Basalyga (tel. 375-17 200-36-13)
  2. Division on Realization of International Treaties
    • Head of the Division — Marina Zhandarova (tel. 375 — 17 211-01-85) (

The Department fulfills the following basic functions:

  • drafting of international treaties of the Republic of Belarus on judicial assistance in civil, family, labor and criminal matters, on exchange of legal information, on cooperation between the Ministries of Justice, other agreements in the legal field and preparation of these treaties for signing;
  • making suggestions on participation of the Republic of Belarus in multilateral international treaties in the legal field within the competence of the Ministry of Justice as well as on succession to the treaties of the former USSR in the legal field;
  • organizing and controlling the execution of requests of institutions of justice of other states on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, review and forwarding of requests of institutions of justice of the Republic of Belarus to competent authorities of foreign states;
  • coordinating the activities of institutions of justice of the Republic of Belarus (courts, notaries and registry offices) related to execution of treaties on legal assistance, review of applications of citizens and legal entities related to execution of such treaties;
  • consulting citizens on the following issues: obtaining child support from abroad, drawing up requests, petitions for execution of judgments of the Republic of Belarus abroad, as well as execution of decisions of foreign courts in the Republic of Belarus, obtaining documents relating to personal and property rights of citizens (on civil registration, education, employment history, etc.) from abroad, contacting the legal authorities of foreign states (daily from 9:00 to 18:00, except Saturdays and Sundays, room.402, tel. 8-017 −211-01-85);
  • analyzing and compiling the experience of implementation of international treaties on legal assistance and preparing proposals for improvement of their implementation, performing the functions assigned to the Ministry of Justice within the framework of international treaties in the legal field, as well as preparation of reports on performance of obligations under such treaties;
  • assistance to courts, public notary offices and civil registry offices in implementation of international treaties on legal assistance, organization of seminars of this subject;
  • drafting current and prospective plans of international relations of the Ministry of Justice, as well as programs of cooperation with international organizations;
  • compilation of information on the cooperation of the Ministry of Justice with judicial institutions of foreign states and international organizations, drafting proposals on the development of such cooperation;
  • preparing proposals and comments on draft international treaties on cooperation in various fields, as well as the conclusions of the Ministry of Justice on compliance of draft international treaties of the Republic of Belarus with the Constitution and other laws of the Republic of Belarus;
  • fulfilling the functions of the secretariat of the Commission on the implementation of international humanitarian law under the Council of Ministers, record keeping and correspondence of the Commission on matters within the its jurisdiction, preparing materials for meetings of the Commission;
  • organizing the reception of foreign delegations, holding international workshops, participation of specialists of the Ministry of Justice in international seminars and conferences held abroad;
  • organizational support of the preparation of materials for meetings of the Joint Board of the Ministries of Justice of the States Parties of the Union State Council of Justice Ministers under the EurAsEC Integration Committee, the Council of CIS Ministers of Justice and holding thereof;
  • other functions.