Department on legal regulation of state social activity

Department on legal regulation of state social activity
Head of: Mauchun Nadzeya
Phone: +375-17 200-89-00

General information

Department on Legal Regulation of State Social Activity is a part of the Central Department on Lawmaking in State Development.

The Department's terms of reference cover the consideration of matters related to the following fields of legislation:

  • about general issues and basic directions of architectural and town-planning activity;

  • about marriage and family, acts of civil status, in particular on marriage and divorce, marriage contracts, rights and obligations of spouses and parents, maintenance obligations, adoption, guardianship and trusteeship;

  • on state holidays, holidays, commemorative and anniversary dates, perpetuation of memory;

  • on housing, in particular on housing funds, dormitories, providing citizens with housing, social guarantees in this sphere, construction (reconstruction), purchase, maintenance and repair of housing, resolution of housing disputes;

  • on the improvement and maintenance of settlements, burial and funeral activities, communal services;

  • on health care, in particular on medical care, donorship and transplantation, assisted reproductive technologies;

  • on information and information protection, including media, archives, record keeping, electronic documents and electronic digital signatures;

  • about culture and art, in particular about historical and cultural heritage, library and museum work, cinematographic activity, cultural events;

  • on international private labor and marriage and family relations;

  • on education, in particular on educational levels and institutions, organization of educational process, social protection in this sphere;

  • on scientific, scientific and technical and innovative activities, in particular about the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, researchers and scientific researches;

  • on provision of pensions, in particular on appointment and payment of labor and social pensions, pensions to military men;

  • on the legal status of foreign citizens and stateless persons, migration, asylum, status of refugee, additional or temporary protection in the Republic of Belarus;

  • about sanatorium-and-resort treatment and health improvement of the population;

  • on sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population;

  • on social benefits, social services, its system, state social order;

  • on labor and employment of the population, in particular about labour contracts, wages, working hours and rest time, guarantees and compensations, labour discipline, protection of labour, individual and collective labour disputes, labour collectives, activities of trade unions in labour collectives, collective agreements, responsibility of employees and employers;

  • on physical culture, sports and tourism, in particular on professional sport, doping in sport, the Olympic, Paralympic, Deflympic Movement, endowment of athletes.