Department on advocacy and licensing of legal activities

Phone: +375-17 200-84-71

General information

The Department fulfills the following functions:

  1. issues licenses for:
    • performance of advocacy;
    • rendering of legal services;
    • rendering of real estate services;
    • performance of forensic expert activities;
  2. ensures the work of the Commission on licensing of legal services, the Commission on licensing of real estate services, the Commission on licensing of forensic expert activities as well as the Commission on rendering of legal services, the Commission on rendering of real estate services, the Commission on performance of forensic expert activities;
  3. controls the observance of legislation by persons performing advocacy, legal persons rendering real estate services, legal persons and individual entrepreneurs rendering legal services;
  4. develops and organizes the databank of the normative legal acts of the Republic of Belarus coming in the official sources of publication of legal information.