Zadiran Sergey

First deputy Minister

Reception: +375-17 200-90-42

Reception schedule:
fourth Wednesday of the month from 8.00 — 13.00 cab. 300

born in 1978. in Minsk city. Has the first class of civil servant.

2000 — Graduated from the Belarusian Institute of Law, specialty «jurisprudence».

2008 — Graduated from the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Belarus, specialty «international relations».

Professional activity

2000 — 2012 — Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus (from a leading specialist to Chief of Central Department on Lawmaking in Economics and Ecology) worked until November 2012.

2012 — 2015 — On the proposal of the Republic of Belarus has worked as an Adviser to the judge of the Court of the Eurasian Economic Community, and then at the Secretariat of the Eurasian Economic Union Court.

2015 — 2016 — Worked in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus in the position of Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Belarus.

from 2016 — In accordance with resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus on October 25, 2016 № 872 appointed the First Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Belarus.

Duties and tasks in the Ministry

  • organization of regulation of notarial activities and leadership notaries in the Republic of Belarus;
  • ensuring control of the activity of notaries, the Belarusian Chamber of Notaries, its organizational structures on the legislation on notaries;
  • ensuring the development and implementation by the Belarusian Chamber of Notaries in notary offices and notary bureau unified electronic accounting system of notarial acts;
  • organization of regulation in the sphere of registration of the acts of civil status, including organization of activities of House (palace) of civil ceremonies;
  • exercise of the powers on the regulation of advocacy;
  • regulation of the sphere of mediation procedures;
  • regulation and development of the sphere of legal services;
  • organization of licensing advocacy, delivery of legal services, including legal and real estate services, as well as control over the activities of persons who have mentioned licenses;
  • providing state registration of law firms, changes and additions to the statutes of the Republican and territorial bar associations;
  • legal regulation of state registration of organizations providing mediation;
  • organization of accounting and systematization of legal acts;
  • organization and carrying out of obligatory legal expertise of normative legal acts of National bank, State control Committee, Investigative Committee, State Committee for Forensic Expertise, Property management Directorate of the President of the Republic of Belarus, National academy of sciences of Belarus, ministries, other republican state government bodies, regional councils of deputies and Minsk city Council of deputies, Executive committees of regions and Minsk city Executive Committee.