Department on legal regulation of constitutional development and law enforcement activity

Department on legal regulation of constitutional development and law enforcement activity
Head of: Rogova Svetlana
Phone: +375-17 200-01-84

General information

Department on Legal Regulation of Constitutional Development and Law Enforcement Activity is a part of the Central Department on Lawmaking in State Development.

The Department's terms of reference cover the consideration of matters related to the following fields of legislation:

  • legislation on the foundations of the constitutional order (polity, political rights and freedom, administrative-territorial structure, general issues of the building of the constitutional state);

  • legislation on the status of the President of the Republic of Belarus, the legislature, judiciary, law enforcement, surveillance and monitoring bodies and institutions of justice, as well as the status of enforcement authorities and other agencies and organizations carrying out public functions;

  • legislation on Local Government;

  • electoral legislation;

  • legislation on the legal provision (questions of law-making, improving legislation, publication and entry into force of legislative acts; systematization of legislation, rules of lawmaking);

  • legislation on defense (general defense of the state, general conscription and military service, military service records, and military recruits, the military rank and position, the status, duties of military personnel, responsibility);

  • legislation on national security (general security of the Republic of Belarus, state and official secrets);

  • legislation on protection of public order and crime prevention (general protection of public order, organization of public order, civil defense, investigation and search operations, security operations, combating terrorism, organized crime, drug abuse and corruption, illicit trafficking in firearms, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors);

  • criminal legislation;

  • criminal procedure legislation;

  • penal legislation;

  • civil procedure legislation;

  • economic procedural legislation;

  • legislation on administrative violations, administrative procedural legislation;

  • legislation on the establishment of the Union State, other interstate structures (the powers and status of their bodies).