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About improvement of the legislation on activity of local authorities


On December 31, 2014 the Law of Republic of Belarus "About entering of additions and changes into some laws of Republic of Belarus", developed by the Ministry of Justice together with the interested is adopted.

The purpose of adoption of law was strengthening of a role of local Councils of deputies and executive committees in the population life.

This Law deputies of local Councils of deputies are allocated with additional powers and duties for effective implementation of activity by them in the constituency, and also powers of executive committees extend.

In particular, the Law provides:

granting one day off to the deputy of local Council of deputies in a month according to his statement in a place of work (service) for implementation of activity in the constituency;

investment of deputies of local Councils of deputies with powers on participation in work of the commissions on public discussion in the field of architectural, town-planning and construction activity for representation of interests of voters.

For knowledge of voters the Law established an obligation of executive committees of a basic level to post online information:

about Councils of basic and primary levels and their deputies;

about executive and administrative organs of basic and primary levels and their management;

about municipal unitary enterprises and their management.

Executive committees of primary level were granted the right, in addition, to create municipal unitary enterprises on rendering the services to citizens (performance of work) connected with construction and repair of the one-apartment and blocked houses and economic constructions on the land plots provided to them.

Now work on reduction of the legislation in compliance with this Law, and also to acceptance of other measures for its realization is conducted.